"Let me tell you something that many people do not realize. There is more than enough money on this planet for everyone to have a million dollars… everyone! It just needs to be divided up a bit differently, in my opinion. And it starts by you learning to manage your money"

the Wealth-4-All Money Management System

Wealth For All:

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to invest. I honestly believe that investing and basic financial fluency should be taught in schools.

Fun fact: When money is considered as the physical coins, bank notes, and the ones deposited in both checking and savings accounts; the total amount globally is approximately $36.8 trillion. However, when this physical money includes the ones held in the accessible accounts, the amount rises to roughly $90.4 trillion. This amount also increases when bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are included. The total amount of money under such classification is as high as one quadrillion US dollars.

So why are you not investing already?

  • The investment world is large and widely diversified, you just don't know where to start.
  • You might think that investing is difficult and you are afraid of losses.
  • You think that you are too young to worry about the future.
  • You are certain that it's only for professionals
  • You have too little money
  • You have no time
  • What if you need the money you have invested?

How are you able to succeed as an Investor?

The reasons you are not investing are based on several powerful emotions. These are:

  • Fear 
  • Insecurity and lack of confidence
  • Laziness
  • Carelessness
  • Arrogance

People translate these emotions into excuses without realizing that their reasoning is faulty in every particular case. Changing these deep rooted convictions is hard and takes a lot of work and time. This is the reason I have created Done For You Investing. I am a professional trader and a trading mindset coach. I will manage your investment for you and you don't have to do a thing. No learning curve, no fear, nothing. Just sit back and see your investment grow.

Clients who invest with me

Mohammad Ali Hashmi

Real Estate Consultant. USA 

"I only wish I had started a year ago when I first learned about his trading service.... I am very satisfied with the results so far and planning to add more funds into my existing account to reach my passive income goal sooner. It is a complete, set it and forget it, type of investing so I can focus on what I know and do best."

Lucy Ponton

Occupational Therapist. UK

"I jumped into DFY-Investing with Callum in June 2020 after reading his FB posts for over a year.

If only I'd known about him when I first started thinking of growing my savings. My account would be 3x the size it is now."

Lucy-Ponton passive investor

Become an Investor Today!

About Your Partner and Trader,
Callum McLean

I am a husband and father, a business owner, money manager, and a Forex trader.
I have been involved in the Forex market since 2011 and have been trading consistently profitable since the end of 2015. In 2018 I started trading for close friends and family and then opened it up to a few
clients in April 2019. With a successful 119.6% year behind me, I started Done-For-You Investing in April 2020.
I am currently trading for 30 clients with more than $465K in funds being managed by me using a Percentage Allocation Money Management (PAMM). As a partner at “Special FX Academy” and “How to Become a Successful Trader”, I have also trained a multitude of students to trade.

What you will get with DFY Investing

DFY Investing is a complete package. You are never left alone, wondering what is happening with your funds. I am always here and contactable for you at any time of the journey, be it tomorrow or in a year.

I will help you to setup your account within the PAMM Account (Percentage Allocation Money Management) in which your funds are fully secured and only accessible by you. Not even I can access your Account Balance.

Private Facebook Community Group that keeps you updated on all the investments we have running and are planning to run in the future. Other like-minded investors and me to ask questions and seek guidance.

And coming soon will be a Private Members Area that will hold all upcoming masterclasses on investing for retirement, using a business to invest, offshore banking, and offshore companies, and so much more. All resources stored in one easy to access place.

A vast amount of information and guidance available on money mindset that will be released into the group over the coming months.

A Loyalty bonus and a Referral Program


Averaged Profit 

in % per Month




I am currently trading for 30 clients with more than $465K in funds.


Initial Setup Fee

Initial Investment in $US

Price in $US

3,000 - 6,999


7,000 - 14,999


15,000 - 49,999


50,000 - 99,999


100,000 +


Performance Fee*

Account Size in $US

Performance Fee

3,000 - 6,999


7,000 - 14,999


15,000 - 49,999


50,000 - 99,999


100,000 +

18 - 15%

*This fee is taken out of your profits and never out of your pocket. Please note that in case of drawdown (temporary negative balance) there will be no fee charged until the previous high equity has been reached again. 

A unique Investment Opportunity

Being wealthy is about freedom.

It’s about time freedom, location freedom, and freedom of choice, which can only be accomplished by having passive income. Being wealthy is not about how much you earn, but instead, does your passive income exceed your expenses.

To make this a reality for more people, I designed Done-For-You Investing. An utterly passive investment vehicle that can be grown relatively quickly to become a passive income for:

  • Mini Retirements
  • Full Retirement
  • Vacations
  • Travelling
  • Expensive Toys
  • House With Land

Done-For-You Investing is a complete trading system that works on foreign exchange. It doesn’t get affected by COVID 19 or economic downturns.

I’ve traded through the war on terror, Brexit, hurricanes, tsunamis, and still made money… and so can YOU!
If you are ready to take a chance of a lifetime, don’t pass up on this unique opportunity…
So, if you want in, you’d better hurry, because I will be shutting the doors at 100.

Because this is my 100 to Freedom project, and I’d love you to be a part of it.

Become an Investor Today!

You are still unsure and would like to have more information?

I invite you to download my free guide "Let's Make This Real Simple", which dives into further detail on what I offer and how I can help you to become a successful Investor.

You are also always welcome to send me your questions here.


How often should I check my portfolio?

It all depends—on you. Maybe you get joy from watching the numbers go up, or perhaps the ups and downs seriously stress you out.
I would suggest monthly, to begin with, and then yearly when you feel more comfortable.

I keep hearing it’s crucial to be diversified. Why?

Because if you have all your money invested in one stock that crashes you will have nothing left. That’s what they mean by being diversified.
You don’t need to do any diversification because Done-For-You Investing does it for you.

My trades are diversified and dynamic so market crashes are just opportunities to profit.

Investing seems complicated. How do I get started?

The best way is just to get started. Request a copy of the getting started PDF and just take each step. Feel free to contact me at any stage if you need assistance.

Start investing with the minimum amount you can afford to lose until you get a feel for it and then add to your account as you get more comfortable with investing.

Sleep is the barometer of your investing; if you can’t sleep because you are thinking about your investing… then you are investing too much.

What is a PAMM account and how does it work?

A PAMM account is a service provided by a regulated broker that allows collective investing in the Forex market. The PAMM account (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a special set of Forex trading accounts used by traders (me) to manage their own funds and joint capital of investors (you).

The PAMM account enables me to accept investments from you without having any access to your funds. All investments and transactions within the PAMM system are automatically controlled by the regulated broker, which ensures safety, transparency and record of all operations.

A PAMM account is a form of trust management where the broker performs the share record, ensures equal rights of all traders and enables the system users to withdraw their share from the project. At the end of a trading period, the profit made in the PAMM account is distributed among the investors of the account. A PAMM trader (me) receives the commission stipulated in the agreement, which is a percentage of the overall profit on this particular account.


What is the minimum amount of investment to get started?

That will depend upon which country you are originally from and which country you reside in. If you are eligible for the PAMM account then you can start as small as 1K USD/GBP/EUR. If you aren’t eligible then you will need to go into the MAM account where a minimum investment of 4K USD is required.

To check eligibility for the PAMM account please use this link:  https://www.vantagefx.com/clients/accounts/help-and-support/
And follow this path: Vantage FX Company Questions >>> Does Vantage FX accept clients from all countries and regions?
There you will find the complete list of ineligible countries for the PAMM account.

Why is risk tolerance essential, and how can I figure out what mine is?

Risk tolerance comes down to how much risk you are willing and able to stomach, and it’s important to know because it can impact how you sleep. If you can sleep, you can tolerate the risk; if you can’t sleep, you are risking too much.

Investing is not for You?